I. Family history and Tunisian history

While remaining a fragmented corpus, this collection still manages to take you through a coherent course in space and in time. Chronologically, it covers without any interruption the period of four generations, from the 19th century until the Tunisian independence and the presidency of Bourguiba. The starting point coincides with the beginning of the relationship of Dr. Clemente Uzan and his wife Clelia Bensasson, continues through the life of their children Pia, Umberto and Nina (born around 1900)and ends in the generation of the children of Umberto Uzan: Clemente, Carlo and Clelia, born in the 1920s and who experienced the wave of fascism together with the Second World War and the post-war period. The Uzan family, although sometimes unaware, were direct witnesses of some of the major events in contemporary history.