The photo library

The photo library of the Alliance Israélite Universelle contains an iconographic collection, which is largely centered on the institution itself. Since the 19th century, correspondence from school directors has often included photographs, displaying school buildings, groups of students and professors, social works and celebrations (distribution of prizes, jewish festivities, sport events). This collection defines an iconography of the Alliance, often used in publications. It is an essential element in the memory of the AIU, and beyond that, for those Jewish communities of the East and the Balkans, who have now disappeared. 

In addition to these photos, the photo library offers images entrusted to the Alliance by other sources, like the fine collection of photographs taken by Elias Harrus in Morocco. 

The online photo library offers more than 7000 scanned images. Their description, developed by those working in the field, and often marked by their subjective aspect, is also a source of information on the vision of these communities.  

The photo library ontains many other photos which are currently not online. Do not hesitate to ask us questions if you are looking for a particular photo: biblio[at]

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