An essential tool for memory and historythe Jewish press is often the last material link that connects us to past and vanished Jewish societies. 

The material fragility and rarity of journals as well as the difficulty of reconstructing collections, which are often dispersed, incomplete, or even almost non-existent, have always posed multiple problems for libraries. Nowadays with digitalization technologies, it is possible to save old and poorly conserved journals, bring together complete collections and above all make it easier to read and search than never before. 

The Library of the Alliance Israélite Universelle has collected for the last century all the types of Jewish journals: scholarly journals, community press, magazines and association newsletters. The library has made the digitalization of the press a priority. 

The AIU Library on its own or as well in cooperation with other large international programs allows you today to access thousands of pages of digitalized journals, which can be read online for free. The actual text of these journals is available for research in this digital library.  

We have favored several types of journals (The French speaking Jewish community press of France, North Africa and the Orient, French-speaking Jewish intellectual journals after 1930s, the political and Zionist press, the religious press, newspapers after 1945, as well as the Jewish youth press). Other journalsalthough already digitized, are not yet availiable in the digital library. Until we transfer them, they can be consulted by other means. You can find this list online.


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