III. Generation Alliance 3. The School of Djédéida and colonies in Argentina 

Samuel Farasez and Moise Israel were in the same class as Viktor Chickly of Tunis in 1905. It is possible that both of them were present on the photograph of Chickly, unless it was taken after the departure of Mr. Israel in 1906. “A rather homogenous class and certainly superior in all respects to previous classes” insisted Samuel Avigdor, the director of the Agricultural School, in his report. Sill, we are far from knowing the fate of two Monastirians of this very praised class. 

The job opportunities for the students leaving the Agricultural School of Djédéida were multiple and the director wisheto send the students to Jewish agricultural colonies in Egypt, Canada or Argentina. Besides from learning agricultural methods, the spoken languages of the colonies were introduced into the school timetable. The management of the school gave priority to the colonization policy of the AIU in the New World, particularly in Argentina and Canada, where former students and teachers of the AIU became agricultural settlers or teachers at schools. 

For this objective, a former student of Djédéida was responsible for analyzing land in western Canada with the objective of establishing an agricultural settlement, a colony. This project was well received by the Central Committee of the AIU and the director of the school consequently decided to send two or three pupils with good level of English. One of them, Haim Youcha, was sent to western Canada, where he disappeared. His father looked for him by writing letters to director Arié, but all in vain! 

As for his comrade Elie Graciani, he left the same year, in 1908, but rather south, towards Argentina. He signed the first letter with six other friends attesting to their installation in the Mauricio’s colony, where they practiced agriculture as settlers in possession of agricultural land. A student of the promotion of 1905, hired by Mr. Avigdor, also settlewith this group in the estate of Mauricio, near Buenos-Aires with Elie Graciani of Monastir.